Customer Experience Is Far Too Important To Be Left To The Marketing Department

  Marketers, here’s an uncomfortable question: when was the last time you actually interacted with a customer? The term ‘customer experience’ has become the latest marketing buzzword (it fetches over 355 million results on Google, if you don’t believe me), but do we really listen to the voice of the customer, or has customer experience… Read More

Root Canals, Bad Coffee, and Customer Experience

You don’t need to hire a high priced management consultant to tell you: Great Customer Experience: GOOD for business. Poor Customer Experience: BAD for business. There is no “neutral” when it comes to our customer’s experience. We’re either making it better or we’re making it worse. Take a look at LinkedIn. There are literally hundreds… Read More

#yourCXsucks and Why Your CEO Should Care

$1.6 TRILLION Is the estimated US cost of customers switching due to a poor customer experience. Customer experience is the new competitive battlefield Many CEO’s believe customer experience is nothing more than a platitude CxO’s and marketers throw about in blog posts and PPT presentations. Rarely, if ever, do they validate the need to put… Read More