Rockstar CMO FM: Podcast #1

To quote mathematician, entrepreneur, and occasional Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker frontman David Lowery, “Cause what the world needs now Is another folk singer marketing podcast Like I need a hole in my head.” Well, better mine than yours! Editor-in-Chief of Rockstar CMO Ian Truscott and Fractional CMO/CRO J. Robert Slaughter sit down to discuss… Read More

Rockstar CMO: Backstage with J. Robert Slaughter

  We go backstage with a marketing rock star, ask a bunch of questions about what excites them, what we might learn from their journey, what gets their Monday marketing mojo working and what they would throw into our swimming pool. “So, is your company a chicken or a a pig?”  – @RobertSlaughter Read the entire… Read More

The Time is Now for Startups to Embrace Fractional Executives

There is a huge problem facing early-stage organizations. The founder, owner, CEO, is often the only revenue producer. The CLOSER! So, running day-to-day operations, closing deals, and chasing capital is not a scalable business model in the eyes of investors. Hiring or outsourcing BDR/SDR teams to crush the phones and set demo appointments is putting… Read More