I figure out what a company sells, then go sell it.

Executive, advisor and revenue growth partner driving business impact and value for global SaaS vendors, systems integrators, and technical agencies. 20-year track record of global enterprise marketing and sales success directly linked to creating new company wide revenue enablement cultures. Robert has developed and led diverse teams of b2b domain experts providing proven-practice recommendations and solutions with regards to: GTM strategy, marketing/sales/revenue operations, ROI data analysts, technology implementation, and cross-functional change management, and is well versed with the complexity, length, and risks of enterprise buying and sales cycles which has produced over $500M in accelerated pipeline value. Not every organization thinks it can afford a proven, bankable CMRO, but every organization needs financially sound revenue growth.

Robert Slaughter

B2B Revenue Architect

jrs (at) theslaughterpen.com

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I don’t charge by the hour but for the decades. Relax, it’s my second rodeo.