Only 52% of Mt. Everest summit attempts are successful. And that’s the good news! Those who make it to the revenue summit get prepared by planning and training to variable capability conditions such as strategy and planning, account selection, data & insights, content creation, aggregation and personalisation, campaign development, team alignment, etc, etc, etc…

A large reason for the lack of marketing advancement falls on the “guide.” Some organisations hire the equipment (martech/salestech vendor) guide while others simply default to a junior or inexperienced resource. Neither possess the map to the summit. Neither are going to “connect the dots” with strategy and campaigns to ensure that revenue goals are met. Reaching the summit requires a “Sherpa” (seasoned strategic advisor / consultant) as guide. The investment will pay off as the Sherpa will know which paths (processes) to use to save time, which paths to avoid, and how to pack tactics and execute campaigns for quick wins.

The Path to the Summit Has Questions, Choices and Detours at Every Turn

Performance marketing and sales have proven they can provide substantial top line revenue growth. It’s certainly worth the summit attempt. However, no one promised the trek will be easy. Whether you are implementing revenue operations or climbing a large mountain, there are certainly many routes available to you to reach the summit. Whichever route you choose, please remember the three rules of mountaineering:

  1. It’s always further than it looks
  2. It’s always taller than it looks
  3. It’s always harder than it looks

No matter which route you choose, I recommend that you begin with a Revenue Ops Assessment. This strategic engagement ensures that your diverse team begins with the same baseline of knowledge and has the compass and basic map to head in the right direction.

Next month and next quarter quickly become this month and this quarter, and everybody is coming to collect. You can’t afford to waste any more time with vendors or thought leaders pitching widgets and acronyms.

Contact me today for a free 30-minute consultation. The only thing you have to lose is revenue and your job!