There are three huge problems facing start-up and early-stage organizations.

  1. the founder often is the only revenue producer – the CLOSER.
  2. or worse yet, the founder has never sold anything in their life and is now in charge of GTM strategy and executing revenue operations.
  3. the never ending investor demand for accelerating revenue growth.

Hiring a SEO/Social Media Guru to “engage” with customers or outsourcing BDR/SDR teams to crush the phones and set demo appointments is putting the cart before the horse. You may think these “cost-effective” resources will build endless pipeline, but without an accomplished professional engaging with them early and often, this strategy only pushes the inevitable out a little further.

Immediate Impact to Results

Tapping a fractional executive is a strategic way to add senior level expertise to your company without the C-level FTE payroll hit. More important than the cost considerations, it provides broad-based and on-demand perspective around proven practices in customer acquisition, sales pipeline development, and marketing execution.

Somebody Has Already Seen This Movie Before

You can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operational realities of a company. This can distract from major objectives and reduce focus on strategy and execution. Next month and next quarter quickly become this month and this quarter. And, if your company is growing quickly, there needs to be a strong team around the founder(s). Adding a fractional leader will address immediate go-to-market needs and help develop a strategic growth roadmap. The added benefit of applying proven practices and often “which to avoid”, seen across other companies cannot be over stated.

Who Needs a Fractional Executive Leader?

  • Start-up organizations who need to build out an entirely new revenue operations function.
  • Companies that have existing marketing and sales teams and need executive level guidance, perspective, and leadership.
  • C/VPs of Marketing/Sales who would like an independent, outside perspective on their business and go-to-market strategy and tactics.
  • Companies who are planning on hiring a VP Marketing/Sales or C-level role and want to get a running start on major go-to-market activities and take the time to find the right hire.

Not every company needs a full-time CMO or CSO, but every business needs financially sound revenue growth. An on-demand executive model is often 50-75% more cost and time-effective than the standard in-house, FTE model.

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