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Want to sell to the enterprise? You better have a solid brand reputation. B2B buyers are drowning in information, scoff at marketing vendor hype, and are paralyzed by the sheer number of options available. These buyers often already know the features and benefits of your “better mousetrap”. Why should they have confidence and trust you?

How Today’s Buyer Really Buys

For B2B buyers, it’s all about risk vs reward. They don’t buy from people they like. They don’t care how nice you are. They don’t want to be friends. They don’t want to be delighted by your brand. These buyers are not selecting some new WordPress Theme. They’re seeking buyer’s insurance for extremely complex and expensive purchases. Jobs and/or careers are often on the line.

It’s never about a product or a solution, but clearly articulating the business impact of change. Now, later or never.

Tell your story or someone else will.