theSlaughterPen is a #BusinessImpact consultancy providing executive level strategy, marketing, sales & business development services for technology & professional services firms.

You’re seriously behind on demand generation and need to focus every minute and dollar you have on getting caught up. Inside sales wants more leads. Field sales wants better leads. Executive management wants more revenue and faster ROI.

Unfortunately next month has become this month and everyone is coming to collect.

Missed deadlines and lost weeks have cost your company a lot of opportunities and revenue. You already have great tools and personnel at your disposal, so the ROI should come—Why not today! Why not now!

Revenue Generation Services for High Growth Firms. Some of the more popular, tailored services my clients have requested and received. Contact me to learn more.

  • marketing strategy
  • demand generation
  • account-based marketing
  • lead nurturing & funnel management
  • social media marketing
  • marketing & sales enablement, operations & technology
  • direct and channel sales strategy
  • developing and implementing a “shared vision”

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