Even When You Know, You Never Know

Tom Brady has played twenty-two seasons in the NFL. During this time, he has compiled an eighty percent win-rate and amassed seven Super Bowl Championships. Twenty of those seasons were spent with the New England Patriots, where he played over 160 home games at Gillette Stadium. Nobody knows Gillette better than Brady. But in 2021, he returned to Foxboro and entered the house that he built not in the familiar blue, red and silver, but in the black and red of his new Super Bowl Champion Buccaneers. The months, weeks, and days leading up to this game were an absolute media circus. Every possible scenario was discussed and dissected ad naseum by talking heads and Joe Sixpacks.

Yet, in the midst of this chaos, Brady performed the exact same routine he has strictly followed for twenty plus seasons. On gameday, he arrives at the stadium hours ahead of every other player. He methodically walks the entire field in a grid fashion, examining every square foot of sod, looking for any dip, tear or bump, any change to the field condition that he can use to his advantage. Tom Brady enters the zone. His attention to detail and focus on his situational environment is unequaled.

Tom Brady knows Tom Brady is the greatest (American) football player to ever strap on a helmet, because even after twenty-two seasons, just when Tom thinks he knows, he never knows.