Everybody Loves Transformation But Hates Change

“It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” —W. Edwards Deming

B2B salespeople, how much longer will LinkedIn thought-leaders continue to peddle this crap?


67% of the purchase decision is completed before a customer calls a supplier. 


B2B buyers are drowning in information, scoff at market/vendor hype, and are paralyzed by the sheer number of options available. They are dying for substantive vendor interaction earlier in their decision process, not later.* 


For B2B buyers, it’s all about risk vs reward. They don’t buy from people they “like”. They don’t care how nice you are. They don’t want to be friends. They don’t want to engage with your marketing team’s “AI driven, authentic, personalized” messaging and self-serving “calls-to-action”. These buyers are not selecting some new WordPress Theme. They’re seeking “buyer’s insurance” for extremely complex and expensive purchases. Jobs and/or careers are often on the line. They buy from vendors that they trust and have confidence in. Earning that confidence and trust starts on day ONE, not day 67 after your marketing team has “nurtured” them to death.


In these complex deals, early, substantive interaction is appreciated and critical to positioning your team for success. Often, B2B buyers already know the features and benefits of your “better mousetrap”. It’s not about the “solution”, but articulating and “selling” the business impact of change. Now, later or never.


*”90% of buyers think vendors can differentiate themselves by offering exceptional #CX based on meaningful interactions with them at EVERY step of their buying journey.” – Sirius Decision


J.Robert Slaughter is a senior marketing and sales executive (CMO, CGO, CRO) focused on delivering revenue and proving the value and business impact of marketing spend. Enablement practitioner assisting high growth technology companies plan, execute and scale revenue growth programs, frameworks, and teams. B2B strategist with numerous articles published regarding account-based marketing, content marketing, customer experience, data driven engagement, demand generation, and additional business impact strategies.

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