What’s Your Audio Content Strategy?

People will forget your ad. Hell, they’ll forget what they bought from you. But they’ll never forget the experience — the gift of time.

Content and Caffeine Episode 2: What’s Your Audio Content Strategy?

In episode two of Content and Caffeine, Kaya Ismail, Founder of Wordify chats with Robert Slaughter, Senior Marketing and Sales Executive and Founder of Attivare.

Together, Rob and Kaya discuss the growing role of audio and voice in the world of content marketing, as well as how brands can prepare themselves for a voice-centric customer experience. From Alexa Skills to voice search optimization, there’s plenty going on in this episode.


content and caffeine

J.Robert Slaughter is a senior marketing and sales executive (CMO, CGO, CRO) focused on delivering revenue and proving the value and business impact of marketing spend. Enablement practitioner assisting high growth technology companies plan, execute and scale revenue growth programs, frameworks, and teams. B2B strategist with numerous articles published regarding account-based marketing, content marketing, customer experience, data driven engagement, demand generation, and additional business impact strategies.

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