Sales Enablement 2.0

business growth

There is a huge problem facing pre-funded, early-stage organizations. Founders, CEOs, and top executives are also the key revenue producers, the CLOSERS. So, running day-to-day operations, closing all the deals, and chasing capital is not a scalable business model in the eyes of investors.

Hiring or outsourcing BDR/SDR teams to set demo appointments isn’t the answer. You may think these young, eager and cheap resources will build endless pipeline, but without a seasoned professional engaging with them early and often, this strategy only pushes the inevitable out a little further.

No longer the growth catalyst secret of the enterprise, all types of businesses are turning to “Hybrid Sales Enablement-Business Development Advisors” to quickly and cost effectively scale their companies.

The New Sales Enablement Advisor

These are not old school, “hired gun” independent sales reps, but proven professionals delivering immediate short-term business impact while building long-term sustainable revenue. Engaging with your marketing and sales teams from day-one, these Advisors dive right into messaging, collateral, funnel management, playbooks, closing techniques, etc, all while identifying, engaging and closing new revenue opportunities.

Acting as “Fractional Chief Growth Officers” these Advisors leverage their expertise and business acumen to quickly and cost effectively help overwhelmed executives turn the corner and scale their businesses.

Sound interesting? CONTACT ME to see how adding a Sales Enablement Advisor can benefit your company or check out our Business Growth Solutions.

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