Root Canals, Bad Coffee, and Customer Experience

bad coffee

You don’t need to hire a high priced management consultant to tell you:

  • Great Customer Experience: GOOD for business.
  • Poor Customer Experience: BAD for business.

There is no “neutral” when it comes to our customer’s experience. We’re either making it better or we’re making it worse. So, in this cut throat, losers go home and bankrupt world of “digital disruption”, why isn’t every CEO directing their marketing teams to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND on CX “Experts” and shiny new technology platforms?

Because, people and companies move at the speed of PAIN. 

When the CUSTOMER leaves with his/her wallet, and your balance sheet becomes as weak as McDonald’s coffee, the C-Suite will come for answers and possibly your JOB.

Stop listening to marketing thought leaders, who only market their marketing “whatever” to other marketers. It’s time to walk in your customer’s shoes. It’s time to listen to the customer.

Don’t wait for the PAIN! Don’t drink crap coffee! Don’t lose your job! 


Robert Slaughter is a veteran marketing-sales strategist & practitioner who’s spent a career advising global enterprise organizations to plan, executed and scale revenue growth programs & frameworks.

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