Why Isn’t This Damn Thing On Mute?!

joe chernov

I came across Don’t Call Me on LinkedIn today and immediately thought of Joe Chernov’s quote…

“The best time to call me is email.” @jchernov

How long has it been since I took an UNSCHEDULED (cold) call?”. Answer: at least a decade or more. I never answer cold calls. Message, no message, I’m not calling you back. At this stage in my career, if I need something, I know a guy who knows a guy.

So for those of you in my LinkedIn network, Director, VP, C-Suite level, the ones actually influencing and making buying decisions, a question…

Would you take an unscheduled cold call?

Be honest. You can continue to tell your SDR team anything you want 🙂



J. Robert Slaughter, Marketing-Sales Advisor & Consultant is a veteran strategist and practitioner who’s spent a career advising global enterprise organizations to plan, execute and scale revenue growth programs & frameworks.

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