Stop Selling Coffee by the Cup and Start Selling the Connection

columbian coffee field

The problem with your coffee roasting business plan is that EVERYONE else is following the same one. Coffee shops have more options for high quality coffee than ever before, and even more shops are taking up the craft of roasting for themselves. How are you going to differentiate yourself in this market? How will you tell your unique story while running a business? Anyone can buy great coffee online. What customers want is a story. You need to transport them to the mountain fields of Columbia and the brewing ceremonies in Ethiopia. Customers want a reason to come back. They want to know if you’re a Fair Trade shop. Customers want a relationship.

Stop selling coffee by the cup or pound and start selling the connection coffee creates.

Get in touch if you want to learn more on how to acquire, nurture and retain loyal customers.

ethiopian coffee ceremony

Robert Slaughter Senior Marketing & Sales Professional who has spent the last 20+ years partnering with F1000 organizations to solve revenue generation issues. Hands-on agency and client side experience in the areas of marketing strategy, demand creation, account-based marketing, lead nurturing & funnel management, enterprise mobility, marketing/sales enablement, operations & technology.

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